Take care of your Goose Bags and it'll take care of you.

- Upcycled. Natural. Fair -

At Goose Bags we’ve created three 'mantras' which we follow in order to create functional products that, as much as possible, have positive impacts on those we work with and the environments they’re used in.

As surf and yoga fans, we never want our products to have a negative impact on the environments we love the most – the big outdoors!

Here are our three "mantra" that we follow...


- Upcycled -

We prioritise using high-quality recycled and upcycled materials; thereby preventing them from going to waste.

- Natural -

When we do have to use new materials, we go natural.  We use durable canvases and cottons, and always avoid plastics. 

- Fair -

We ensure those who make our products are given a fair deal.  Our board bags are made in the UK, our T-shirts are produced in ethical factories in Europe and our Yoga Mat Bags are made by Lucy and Old Assam (see the blog for more stories!)

Up-cycled Tarpaulin
Lucy Sourcing Natural Material
Indian Tailor

- Get Involved -

To help us on our quest to have as little impact on our environment as possible we’d love to pass the baton to you when you buy a Goose Bag or t-shirt. 

Think of your Goose Bag as a friend. 

Take care of it, love it and use it, but don’t abuse it (like friends, natural materials hate being left in a cold, damp cupboard before it’s had the chance to air-out) and it’ll take care of you and your board.

By taking care of your Goose Bag or T-shirt you’ll ensure you have a long, adventure-filled friendship and create many stories to tell the grandkids along the way.

Goose Bags - Take Care