- Travel -

Goose Bags was dreamt up during an incredible nine months of exploring new countries, surfing new spots and meeting inspiring and brilliantly colourful people along the way - all eager to share their love of their sports. 

- Creation -

Upon returning home, my bag-less surfboard just cried out:Make me something super cool to protect me when we’re not in the water, Goose!And so, the first bag was sewn.  Today, they continue to be inspired by the places I explore.

- Evolution -

Goose Bags comes with me wherever I go and the products are constantly developing and growing with me - the range has now extended to include yoga mat bags and t-shirts.

- Inspiration -

If you’re a fan of surfing, or any other board sports (and the jaw-dropping surroundings you find yourself in), then you’re in good company here.  Get inspired, dream big, grab your mates and go riding.. Have fun!

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The Story of Goose Bags